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Electric Arc Furnace
Main technical parameter of 20t EAF
Normal capacity : 20t
Dumpage angle : taphole 12~14° / tapping 18~20°
Transformer : normal capacity 12500KVA can over loading 20%
Output voltage : 350~320~170V 13 taps and the first three taps is identical power
Output current : 22553.4A
Input voltage : 35KV
Input current : 206.2A
Adjust voltage fashion : adjust with load
Cooling fashion : oil and water cycle-cooling
Quantity of cooling water : 280t/h
Average tapping quantity : 25t
Most tapping quantity : 30t
Diameter of furnace shell : Ф4100mm
Diameter of electrode : Ф400mm(UHP)
Diameter of electrode center round : Ф1200mm
Journey of electrode : 2700mm
Electrode up and down velocity : up(auto/manual) 3.5/6 m/min
down(auto/manual) 3.0/4 m/min
Tapping fashion : EBT
Capabilities Overview
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